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TONIGHT! Yarn Puff Creatures with Lori! • Sept. 2nd, 2015


TONIGHT! Wednesday, Sept 2nd, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Yarn Puff Creatures with Camp Counselor, Lori Meeker! 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Save money. Live better. 


Learn to make yarn pom-poms from SCRATCH! And then make those pom-poms into creatures, monsters, a party string of poofs! Used to be if you wanted a pom-pom, you’d have to make it yourself. The process of making a yarn pom-pom may seem daunting, but not with visiting artist and camp counselor, Lori Meeker! She’ll show you how to make fun and colorful poofs!

CraftNight will supply you with the yarn, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, gems, and other bits to make your poof into whatever you want!

We’ll have music, drinks, treats, all the stuff you need for a relaxing evening of artsy-fartsy fulfillment. The world needs art more than you know, so get in here, turn off the phone, ignore your nighttime chores and give your brain some playtime.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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January 16th, 2012 • Yarn-n-Sparkle Beer Bottle Candle Craft


This Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 from 9pm until 12 (sometimes later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!!
Project: Yarn-n-Sparkle Beer Bottle Candle Craft 
$2 Suggested Donation 
$4 Cosmopolitan Drink Special: The Akbar Cosmo, richness worth a second cup. 
SPECIAL OFFER: Crafters in January will receive a free “Golden Pinecone Badge” in January only! Limited stock! You only get one by showing up in person, first come, first serve, when I’m out, I’m out! Every month a different badge, collect all 12!

This yarn and beer bottle craft only happens every two years, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often, because I have enough yarn to knit a sweater for Akbar’s entire building. Look for more yarn crafts in 2013, we have only the best and brightest skeins for inspiration.

The general tendency for this weeks featured craft is to obtain a bottle (done very easily at our bar) and put glue on it, and then arrange yarn onto the bottle in pleasing colors and patterns, and voila, it makes a great candle holder! So then we’ve got yarn, bottles, candles and more!

This year, I’m taking it to the next level, revvin’ it, ampin’ it, jackin’ it, vampin’ it UP WITH SPARKLY THINGERS! You will be able to add sparkly personality to your candle in the form of pokey things that are kind of a combination of gems and tacks, in that you can stick them IN the candle and make the candle itself be part of your miraculous centerpiece!

Before you get all cold feet and freaked out by thinking “oh, this is a complicated one!” just STOP thinking that way and get in here. You’ve got to remember that there’s nothing to fear at CraftNight, and even if there was: the emotion of fear has nothing to do with success! Lots of people are scared to try new experiences, or things that are complex or new or weird, and just the attempt to try anything new or differently is a success in itself.

If you feel flubbed up on your New Year’s resolutions, the Georgian New Year happened just last night, so you can start over, and if that doesn’t work for you, the Chinese New Year is coming up, and you can revisit your goals and aspirations, dust yourself off and try again.

See you and the yarn at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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March 28th, 2012 • Craft Stick Flowers and MORE!

This Wednesday March 28th, 2012 from 9pm until 12-ish at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Craft Stick Flowers and MORE!  
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Cosmo Drink Special – Fill it to the rim with whim!

We were very “painty” last week to foster your inner painter, and this week we’re getting “buildy” so you can nurture your inner architect.

At the beginning of the CraftNight weekly brainstorm, I found someone’s internet plan about how to make super adorable flowers out of popsicle sticks (or “craft sticks” as the lingo goes).
But it seemed very limiting to only make flowers at CraftNight, when popsicle sticks are so versatile! Craft sticks are like tinkertoys in their diversity, you can build a box, a godseye (yes, I’ll bring some yarn!), a planter for a tiny plant, a pencil cup, a recipe holder, a birdhouse, a frame, a valet for your keys and wallet, a sign, an ornamental decoration, the plethora of items you can make is mind-bogglingly vast!

The other thing is, these little sticks, that have been holding up the nation’s popsicles since the early 1900s are made from birch wood. I don’t know if you know about glassine paper… commonly used in the wonderful crinkly translucent envelopes the post office used to package any stamps you may have purchased. Martha Stewart likes to make a big deal out of glassine envelopes and why not, they have an unmatched texture and sheen. Anyway, glassine paper is made not from any ol’ wood but from birch wood. Birch wood finds a way to make life lovely on many different levels, and so we send a hefty salute to it’s usefulness at the month’s end.

See you at the Craft Table!
JP Craft Captain

Akbar’s Site

CraftNight’s Site


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