Friends of CraftNight

These are people who are close to CraftNight, and who make Los Angeles a better place.


Where would we be without Akbar?!? Wednesday is only one of countless amazing nights to you year round at this rollicking neighborhood oasis. From “Bears in Space” to “Dirty Dirty House Club” to Terry Castillo’s “Rocksteady Lounge” this place is always hopping.

The Bicycle Kitchen

The Bicycle Kitchen is a nonprofit bicycle repair educational organization. They are a group of volunteers who run a space in Los Angeles filled with tools and stands for working on bicycles. Their hope is that you will come down and work on your bike! They will help you. Visit their site or give ’em a call, and tell ’em JP sent you.


Jean Spinoza’s Wig Out! ™ Get Your Wig On! Est. 2005 is a monthly performance art wig cabaret, live music, and dance party. I must say, it is one of the best times to be found in Los Angeles. Don’t forget your wig.

Triple Chicken Foot

Is an Old Time string band in Los Angeles, and they have a habit of gracing CraftNight with their presence every now and again. They also play at festivals, shin-digs, get-togethers, square dances and the like. Visit their site to see where they’ll be next!

The Electones

I have known Jason Myers of the Electones since 1990, when we both had long flowy hippy hair. Jason Myers, Mike Bolger and friends play some of the crispiest, craziest tunes I know. We’ve worked and played together, and if you want to have a great time, see where they’re playing, and then go there!

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