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January 23rd, 2013• Crafting on the High Seas on National Pie Day

This week's CraftNight flyer brought to you by Sarah Williams

This week’s CraftNight flyer brought to you by Sarah Williams

This Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 from 9pm until 12 (sometimes later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!!
Project: Seafaring Crafts on National Pie Day 
$2 Suggested Donation 
$4 Cosmopolitan Drink Special: The Akbar Cosmo is the one Cosmo to have when you are having more than one.
NATIONAL PIE DAY: There will be pie!

According to The National Pie Council, this Wednesday is National Pie Day. Take a moment and just let that sink in. The gift of pie will be present at CraftNight for anyone lucky enough to get here and have a slice. Support your local pie makers!

Gray whales are heading down south in large numbers, the sea is rich with a highway of super mammals, all heading for their calving grounds in Baja. You can drive 60  miles north, get on a boat and possibly see WHALES near the Channel Islands. Now if you’re not in the mood for that, you can drive 60 miles east, get yourself up to Mt. Baldy and go tubing or skiing in the SNOW.

If anyone is giving you crap about Los Angeles this week, tell them that in January you can see WHALES AND SNOW ON NATIONAL PIE DAY and then see what they say. Because that’s just crazy, isn’t it? I mean, nothing’s crazier than that. The only thing that could possibly be crazier would be a gray whale in skis, doing a slalom down Mt. Baldy while also eating a piece of delicious pie. We live in an amazing arena of incredible opportunities!!! Along with whales and snow, you get crafts, pie and cocktails, there’s so much stuff to do around here I’m not sure how anyone can even THINK of being bored.

This craft will involve eye patches, sailing ships and some other sea-themed knickknacks for you to assemble and decorate! I also have a few sea-themed appliqués, available this Wednesday ONLY!!! And don’t forget: there is still a wee chance you could show up at CraftNight and get the coveted January “Golden Pinecone Pin” one in a series of 12 pins, a different pin each month. Very few are left, I hope you get one!

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain




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October 24th, 2012 TONIGHT! BYO-Pumpkin!

Tonight! 9pm – 12-ish at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: BYO-Pumpkin OR Haunted Sand Crafts
$2 Processing fee please
$4 Cosmopolitan Drink Special: You only go around once in this life, so you have to grab for all the gusto you can get. JUST GRAB IT!!! 

This evening’s crafts will be brought to you via Bianchi Bicycle, meaning I can’t pick up any extra pumpkins for tonight’s carving extravaganza, you’ve got to supply them yourself! Bring in your own pumpkin and a candle, and I’ll have tarps and all manner of crazy carving implements for you to set up shop and whittle your squash into proper Halloween fashion.

If you walk in without a pumpkin, never fear! I have some sassy seasonal spooky sand crafts, as well as some other Halloween projects that will be just as enjoyable. Come in and enjoy the evening, we’ll be delighted to see you and your funkin!

ALSO check out THIS! 
Thursday: WigOut’s 7th Anniversary ZOMBIE BALL!  A Treasure trove of the undead performing JUST FOR YOU!!!

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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Radioactive Halloween Sand Crafts • October 17th, 2012

This Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 from 9pm(ish) until 12(or later) at Akbar,  it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: Radioactive Sand Crafts! *glows in the dark*
$2 Processing Fee
$4 Cosmopolitans: For people who share a taste for excitement
Massage Therapist Sky on Duty: Bodywork Special: $14 for 15 minutes, try it!
Aztec Chocolate Chip Spice Cookies & Satanic Cupcakes from Vero’s Gothtober Baking Adventures!

ONGOING Gothtober Countdown Calendar by yours truly and 31 fantastic artists on the internet for you to see! GO SEE! 

Wouldn’t you know it, I was walking down a very dangerous uninhibited alley full of horrible smells and dumpsters and canisters full of bubbling slime, just the kind of place I like to walk alone and explore. Right next to a canister of what could only be described as fetid rotting snot was a very old and decrepit curiously interesting cardboard box, covered in “DO NOT OPEN” and “PROPERTY OF MARIE CURIE” labels. It was scuffed with grease stains and had the faint smell of clorox, and I was strangely, magnetically pulled toward its contents. I knelt down, pulled opent the flaps. There was kind of an explosion, a loud “MON DIEU! Vous avez fait une erreur énorme! IMBECILE!”  (too bad I don’t speak French) and sort of a weird apparition of a women flew out of the box, she was kind of old-timey looking and green, but definitely irritated. Honestly, I think my eyes were just playing tricks on me. I was quite startled by this event, but managed to calm myself and get back to the box and thank goodness, because what a delight!

What a craft find, tons of packets of weirdly questionable magical glow-in-the-dark skeleton and tombstone crafts! These are so easy to make, you just “peel to reveal” the adhesive and then pour on the colored sand and voila, you have yourself an exciting project. I’m not sure if it’s safe to use these, I scoured the rest of the alley and found some lizard gizzards and some rat whiskers, but nothing else was as cool as these radioactive glowy sand crafts.


TONIGHT: Ian MacKinnon’s “Battlestar GAY-lactica” at Akbar! $5 show starts at 8! (my sweetheart, Coral Lobera, is going to perform! Woo!)

THURSDAY: SPECTERS, SPIRITS, & SPIES! A Night of Spooky Storytelling at The Last Bookstore (I’m performing! Come get spooked!)

NEXT THURSDAY: Wig Out!™ Get Your 7 Year Anniversary Zombie Ball On! (I’ll be good and dead, come see me…)

See you at the craft table, JP Craft Captain

Akbar’s Site

CraftNight’s Site 



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TONIGHT! Autumn Crafts, Apples, Ukeleles, Puffballs, Massage Therapy! (September 26th, 2012)

TONIGHT!!! Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 from 9pm(ish) until 12(or later) at Akbar,  it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: FALL Crafts! (a plethora of classic autumnal favorites) 
$2 Processing Fee
$4 Cosmopolitans: For people who share a taste of excitement.  

     • “THE APPLE” playing on the Akbar Jumbo Movie Tron 
     • FREE Mini APPLE pom pom creature in honor of Johnny Appleseed Day!
It’s FALL!

I don’t know about you, but I like to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, Johnny Appleseed Day and Yom Kippur by watching weird cult classic movies, doing crafts, thinking deep thoughts, sipping on cocktails, singing with a ukelele orchestra and participating in some bodywork with a really good masseuse, all in one night at one place.

After tonight’s amazingness, you’re like “what now? How do I keep from getting hopelessly bored in this major metropolitan city?” I’ve nothing to do! I’ve nowhere to go! What will become of me?!?

Here are some answers:

Thursday –  WIG OUT doors open 9:30 theme: PUPPETS (JP & Monica perform with Bob Baker Marionette Puppeteer, Adrien Rose)

Friday – Sat – The PAT & CHARLIE VARIETY HOUR from Cavern Club 9pm

Saturday – TRANSLUCENT TRAVELS at Automata in China Town 8pm (JP presents a weird slideshow)

See you at the craft table, JP Craft Captain

Akbar’s Site

CraftNight’s Site 


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TONIGHT! • September 5th, 2012 • Scrappin’ with the Scrapbooks!

TONIGHT! Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 from 9pm(ish) until 12(or later) at Akbar,  it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: Craft a Scrap Book!
$2 Processing Fee
$4 Cosmopolitans: How Many Sips Does it Take to Get to the Center of an Akbar Cosmo? I…2…
Featuring: Masseuse Therapist SKY! • Current deal is 15 minutes for 14 bucks! Get the stress out!
Also Featuring: Craft Lieutenant Veronica LeBron’s Flat-n-Crispy Bacon Laceys which need to be tasted to be believed, a classic recipe with a bacon twist, come get yours!

It’s your moment, the end of the day, to relax, unwind and have something special for yourself and your friends and your life and your cocktail. The scrap potential is very high tonight, plenty of pieces to play with to make your scrapbook fantasy come true. I actually have a really fantastic scrapbook, the latest entries in it being from 1953. I’ll bring it and share, so that you may gain inspiration from this wonderful relic.
The “scrapper” who remains unknown (I purchased this item at a swap meet in Simi Valley) has decorated the pages with countless newspaper clippings, decorative bits of paper, local ephemera, poems, pictures of exotic animals and far away destinations… it’s a quiet treasure of its era, and every time I peruse its pages I find something new.

The scrapper was prone to cutting out one sentence facts from publications, tidbits like “There are 209 rooms in Buckingham Palace” or “Painted fingernails were fashionable in Egypt, 1000 B.C.” The book is peppered with trivia, and I like the idea that no matter how old this tattered scrapbook gets, it still contains truths that will endure.

The digital age makes stuff like this exceedingly rare, and there’s actually a “scrapbook industry” that sells pre-printed pages, punch shapes, stickers, etc. that caters to “making memories.” And that’s cool… but when you look at this home made scrap book from 1953, you’re going to observe ingenuity and artistry that blows today’s manufactured scrap supplies right out the window. Cellophane scotch tape wasn’t on the market until 1930, yet miraculously enough, there isn’t a SINGLE piece of tape in this scrapbook, it’s all been put together with glue or paste.
Come in and make a little scrapbook, I’ve punched paper ahead of time for the event, I’ve got lots of paper and collage scraps, glue and glue sticks, this craft is gonna knock your socks off!

See you at the Craft Table!

JP Craft Captain

Akbar’s Site

CraftNight’s Site 


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