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Necklace Envy • Camp CraftNight • June 25th, 2014


This Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Necklace Envy 
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Special: “The Lyla” • Do what tastes right. 
**** Special Note: Wanna sell some ART at the SparkleBlob Art Action? Make a little dough and support CraftNight, along with SparkleBlob’s other programs! Now accepting submissions through July 15th!

Ahhhh Summer is HERE!

RIGHT NOW we have a plan for you to look fahhhhhhbulous with your new necklace you’ll make here at CraftNight. We have cocktails, we have air conditioning, we have music and fun and enough artsy fartsy necklace supplies to make your mind explode. If you’re going to be wearing that summer dress or that hawt muscle shirt, you’ve got to accessorize! As part of our summer program, Camp CraftNight is here to help you with your summer couture. Once you start attending those summer pool parties with your home made necklace, you’ll be the envy of the crowds, and maybe someone will purchase a piña colada in your honor, just for you.

Summertime means it’s time to get that bizarre suntan on your face from wearing sunglasses! It’s time to chase down the popsicle truck at 8:30 at night! The arrival of summer solstice means that EVERYONE is wearing sandals! Skimpy outfits are everywhere, and everything smells like BO, skin, deodorant, sunscreen, bay rum, or fruity body wash!

It’s time for fruit and tiny little pretzel sticks and salads and endless snacking, and margaritas, and forgetting what time it is because the days are so long! It’s time for grilled veggies, beaches, bonfires, time for baseball games, fireworks, iced  coffee and banana creme pie. It is officially the season of leisure, and even though some of you are working too hard, please try to find us, we are your oasis. 

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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