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TONIGHT!!! ShrinkRay Glow-in-Dark Crafts! • May 9th, 2018

TONIGHT!!! May 9th, 2018 at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT! 
Project: Shrink Ray Glow-in-the-Dark Crafts!!!

*******$4 PABST/TECATES • $5 Cocktail Special, sip away the stress!         
*********$3 suggested donation, please! #CraftNight_is_You

Oh I KNOW this announcement is soooo last minute, but CraftNight is 95% ALWAYS every week, so keep showin’ up! I haven’t had time to cut a sandwich in half, things have been bonkertown, but I will be there tonight and ohhhhh this craft is SO FREAKIN’ COOL. So even though I JUST told you about tonight’s craft, you gotta know this one will make your brain do a lil’ square dance in your head, a square dance of delight. 

As if the fact that it SHRINKS before your very eyes isn’t enough, it’s also a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK craft!!! We know it works because we tested it in the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavor Pavilion and everyone’s face fell off with total and uninhibited JOY AND FASCINATION. We’re bringing that joy to you because it’s just so great I can’t even stand it.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


Bet Yer Bottom Bingo is on a MONDAY this month! MAY 14th, 2018 • Akbar • 7:30pm • Girls, boys, balls, booze! PRIZES APLENTY!!! >>>> FB Event! 

MAY 16th Craft: Laminated Bookmarks!

MAY 17th Show: Myself and other quality folks are in a live staged-reading of the Beat-era puppet play “Don’t Flee the Scene Salty”, and it happens NEXT THURSDAY NIGHT (May 17th) @ The Actors Company Theatre in West Hollywood! >>> Get tix!

MAY 20th: JP (that’s me) hosts the 2nd Annual Project Q Fundraiser Ball – All proceeds from this event will go towards completing construction of the ProjectQ ‘Hairstream’ self-esteem building mobile salon, and funding the 2018 Tour, in which free haircuts are given to LGBTQ homeless youth. Get tix or donate! >>>> FB Event!

MAY 23rd Craft: Poofy Chickens and Rabbits! (because it’s still SPRING, dang-it!)

MAY 30th Craft, CRAFTIVISM SPECIAL EVENT: CraftNight teams up with Down But Not Out to decorate packets of needed sundries to give out to those in need in our city! Donations for supplies welcome! More info to come!




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Love + Action • June 15th, 2016


This WednesdayJune 15th, 2016 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT. 
Project: Love + Action   
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials at Akbar

Re: The Shooting in Orlando

I cannot find grace, and I cannot find comfort. I’m cracked in half.

Fighting back with love, that’s what monks do, right? Where you breathe in all of the world’s hatred and breathe out something more palatable with every chant?
What if I’m breathing fire?
What if I can’t breathe?
What about smashing things?
What about never stopping crying ever, or being dry-eyed and catatonic with emptiness?
We’re going to address as many feelings as we can at CraftNight this week with varying activities:

1.) Shrinky Dinks = Creative outlet. If you want to make something for yourself, for a friend, for anyone, we will have the supplies for you to do it. It can be about something, it can be about nothing, it’s a shrinky dink, it’s just the most distracting and rewarding craft I can offer at a time like this. If you don’t know what a shrinky dink is, then that’s it: for you, CraftNight this Wednesday is mandatory, you need to know.

2.) Send support: Many organizations have stepped forward to help, and here is the main fund through Equality Florida. I will have resource sheets for you to take home where you can find more ways to help.

3.) Cards and Letters for The Pulse: The Pulse is a community haven. They are in shock and mourning, but at some point, their doors will open again, the people need them. I’ll have pens, blank cards, paper, envelopes and more so that you can make and send healing, queer, sparkly, love-filled messages to The Pulse about how valuable and important they are, and how we stand with them in solidarity.

4.) Letters to Elected Representatives About Gun Control – I will have the letters, I will have stamps, I will have envelopes. Write one, and I will send it for you, or you can send it yourself.

5.) Curl up and watch the Akbar Jumbotron – If you want to cocoon and be in some pillows and hide and be comfy, we’ll have a dark space on the dance floor for you to be cozy and quiet. We will play promisingly distracting things on the screen, and we will have snacks.

6.) Have a cocktail. Sometimes a drink is a useful thing.

7.) Together Time: Akbar is a refuge for eastside queers over 20 years strong. CraftNight has been at Akbar for over 8 years now, we are part of the rainbow coalition, and these colors don’t run. It’s time to be together. Come and get your love.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain



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Fusion Beads El Niño Style • January 6th, 2016


FIRST CRAFTNIGHT OF 2016!!! Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Fusion Beads!
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials at Akbar: Your Cup Runneth Over!   

It is the first CraftNight of 2016 and we begin our 14th year. We’re starting the year with fusion beads, because it’s a warm craft for a cold night! Fusion beads literally fuse when you heat them with an iron, which is super cool, and a super reminder of fusing your intentions for the new year. I keep asking people what their new years resolutions are, and they keep telling me they don’t have any, and I’m like… what are you… THREE YEARS OLD?

COME ON, if anyone is going to be easy on yourself about failing to meet a resolution, it’s YOU! I mean omigod, TRY. Like, I know we live in a society where no one wants to make a commitment or a choice or have to do ONE thing at a time. You can’t play mini golf if you are also at the movies, it’s a gold-plated conundrum. Those of us who are lucky enough to suffer from “fear of missing out” experience a tidal wave of choices and channels and apps and options paralyzing the brain with an overload of data. It’s hard to even pick a goal, much less stick to it.

Platitudes and proverbs about the new year can seem like empty rhetoric, a nothing-something that most of us can’t even really hear any longer. This means there’s this societal knee jerk reaction to making new years resolutions because they are uncool, they require WORK. You might fall short of your own expectations if you make a half-hearted goal and give it a lukewarm attempt at fruition. It’s totally cliché to make resolutions in January for the new year, but clichés are annoying because they are almost always TRUE. So what does it all mean?

It means that you are never going to eat that bologna sandwich unless you decide to take the bologna out of the package. Every lasagna has to start with a noodle. Wearing shoes involves putting them on your feet. These are not monumental goals for most, but they are intentions that are made real more often than you might think. People are wearing shoes Lasagnas are being stacked, baked and eaten. Bologna is being freed from its constrictive packaging.

This is why we’re doing fusion beads this week, because you can’t turn back once you decide to fuse them. It’s a meditation on process and permanence. It’s plastic beads, so it’s cheap and colorful and fun and seems innocuous, but trust me, your subconscious will thank you.

See you at the Craft Table!

JP Craft Captain


January 13th- Wooden Bead Necklaces 

January 20th – DIY Magnets EXTREME 

January 26th BINGO: Tuesday 8pm to 10pm it’s Bet Yer Bottom Bingo with the big bad prizes you’ve come to love us for, so come on in and try your luck with booze, girls, boys, balls, it’s the best in neighborhood gay bar gambling!

January 27th – Groundhog Day Paper Dolls

February – Get ready for Mardi Gras, CraftNight’s Valentine LOVE-IN Party, and Chinese New Year! 



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Shrinky Dinks: THE SEQUEL • Sept. 23rd, 2015


TONIGHT! Wednesday, Sept 23rd, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Shrinky Dinks THE SEQUEL 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Fall in love with cocktails all over again. 
NEXT TUESDAY SEPT 29th: BET YER BOTTOM BINGO at Akbar 8pm to 10pm • Take a chance on big bottles o’ booze, boys, girls, balls and so much more!  

The Autumnal Equinox IS HERE!!! We are officially IN the Fall season!
This means you will get less flack for wearing a winter scarf and boots even though it’s in the 90s this week. And speaking of this week, LAST week had all of you staying at home, watching the debates and seeking higher ground in case of tidal waves from the earthquake in Chile.

At least, that’s what I think everyone was doing, because it was so quiet, so weirdly and unnervingly quiet on Sunset Blvd. last week that we’re just going to hit the reset button and repeat last week’s craft. I NEVER DO THIS. But I feel that Shrinky Dinks is simply not to be missed. You can’t miss them. It’s criminal to keep yourself from this project. It’s so insanely cool that the three people who made Shrinky Dinks at CraftNIght last week TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. They screamed, they marveled, they were full of joy, they were elated.
I want that for you too, girl.
Seriously, I’ve got jewelry findings so you can make EARRINGS and BRACELETS.
I have templates for you to use if you need to trace.
Here is last week’s post so you can read about how cool this craft is, and believe me, I NEVER repeat Crafts two times in a row, but as a Craft Captain, I believe that this is the most responsible thing to do. Come in and make a pumpkin pendant, a charm bracelet, a choker, a pair of earrings. Make as many as you want, it’s incredible, for $3 the world is your oyster!!!!

Also: we will be serving Brach’s “Carmel Macchiato” flavored candy corn, and “Pumpkin Spice Latte” M&M’s in our quest to help you decide what best way there is to rot your teeth this fall. Join us!

JP Craft Captain

NEXT WEEK’S CRAFT: Your Autumn Leaf Craft!


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