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CandyCornWitchMouseOrnament • Oct. 3rd, 2012

This Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 from 9pm(ish) until 12(or later) at Akbar,  it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: CandyCornWitchMouseOrnament
$2 Processing Fee
$4 Cosmopolitans: If you ‘ve got the time, we’ve got the cosmo.
Massage Therapist Sky on Duty: Bodywork Special: $14 for 15 minutes, try it!

Your Craft Captain is also Head Candy Corn of so please visit the Gothtober Countdown Calendar and click on one of the 31 pumpkins for a special treat. It’s basically an advent calendar, but for Halloween instead of Xmas. It’s online, it’s free, it’s weird, it’s completely in the spirit of something you shouldn’t be doing, so therefore you should do it immediately.

October’s bright blue weather is here, which means we’re going to pack in as many Halloween crafts as we can, starting with the CandyCornWitchMouseOrnament. It’s a Candy Corn. It’s a Mouse. It’s a Witch. It’s an Ornament! It’s a Mouse! It’s an Ornament! It’s a Candy Corn! It’s a Witch! It’s FOUR things in ONE! Can you handle it? It’s a total multitasking megastar of a craft! You think you’re busy? Try being one of America’s favorite candies, as well as being one of America’s most reviled pests, while also being one of the nation’s most feared supernatural beings AND THEN bring it all together to morph into something everyone likes: a charming, non-threatening non-devil worshipping adorable tchotchke for home decor.

Have you friends of the spacey variety, hang this weird and cheery decoration on their doorknob to remind them that All Hallow’s Eve is less than 30 days away!

More Fun to be had this week:

Texas Loves Lyla! (Akbar’s own Jeffrey Wylie!) October 5th and 7th

CicLAvia 10.7.12 – ALL DAY Sunday!  Pedal your way around Exposition Park,ChinatownMariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, and the newly completed Grand Park downtown, where CicLAvia will converge with the inaugural celebration of the park’s performance lawn.

See you at the craft table, JP Craft Captain

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TONIGHT! Autumn Crafts, Apples, Ukeleles, Puffballs, Massage Therapy! (September 26th, 2012)

TONIGHT!!! Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 from 9pm(ish) until 12(or later) at Akbar,  it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: FALL Crafts! (a plethora of classic autumnal favorites) 
$2 Processing Fee
$4 Cosmopolitans: For people who share a taste of excitement.  

     • “THE APPLE” playing on the Akbar Jumbo Movie Tron 
     • FREE Mini APPLE pom pom creature in honor of Johnny Appleseed Day!
It’s FALL!

I don’t know about you, but I like to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, Johnny Appleseed Day and Yom Kippur by watching weird cult classic movies, doing crafts, thinking deep thoughts, sipping on cocktails, singing with a ukelele orchestra and participating in some bodywork with a really good masseuse, all in one night at one place.

After tonight’s amazingness, you’re like “what now? How do I keep from getting hopelessly bored in this major metropolitan city?” I’ve nothing to do! I’ve nowhere to go! What will become of me?!?

Here are some answers:

Thursday –  WIG OUT doors open 9:30 theme: PUPPETS (JP & Monica perform with Bob Baker Marionette Puppeteer, Adrien Rose)

Friday – Sat – The PAT & CHARLIE VARIETY HOUR from Cavern Club 9pm

Saturday – TRANSLUCENT TRAVELS at Automata in China Town 8pm (JP presents a weird slideshow)

See you at the craft table, JP Craft Captain

Akbar’s Site

CraftNight’s Site 


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