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Acorn Leaf Craft • September 25th, 2013


This Wednesday (TONITE!) from 9pm to midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Acorn Leaf Freeform Craft!
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Cosmo Drink Special! The Akbar Cosmo: So Delicate. So Beautiful.
SPECIAL EVENT THIS SATURDAY 6 – 10pm: The SparkleBlob Spooky-Tacular Harvest Gala!!! (Bob Baker Marionette Theater)
See David LeBarron, Ian MacKinnon, LaMuff, Pat & Charlie, a string of very special performances and Gothtober Reels, MC’d by none other than Jean Natalia of Wig Out! Dress in your Autumn Best to Win King or Queen of the Event! SparkleBlob is the new nonprofit that houses CraftNight, Gothtober and the Holiday Puppet Show and other fine programs under one roof, run by me, your Craft Captain, aka “Executive Sparkle Director.” Hope to see you there!

Now then. Acorns.
I ordered a box of 35, which seemed like a lot of acorns at the time. But acorns are small, and I knew that… but when they got here, they looked even smaller. Which means that 35 acorns is actually not that many acorns.

That’s why I’m also pairing it with leaves, to make it so that you can build a very adorable fall ornament-like garland, or something to put on a fall birthday present, or wear around your neck as a totem to daylight savings… I dunno. Acorns are very small, leaves are useful in making them stand out and be celebrated.
You can paint the tops of them so that they look like little smurf mushrooms. There are a lot of people out there making fabulous things out of acorns right now. We will explore some of these exciting options! I will also bring some spools, you can make acorn people with spool bodies. Acorns are small and cute. This is the last fall craft before we get TOTALLY IMMERSED IN HALLOWEEN MADNESS.

And yes, we will be sampling another strange seasonal product, if you want to find out what it is, please come in and have a sip.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain



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December 5th, 2012 • Winter Glitter Wreathtastic Crafts!

Wednesday December 5th, 2012 from 9pm – 12-ish at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: Very Sparkly Winter Glitter Crafts and Wreathtastic Button Decor
$2 Suggested Donation 
$4 Cosmopolitan Drink Special: The Akbar Cosmo, when you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

Tonight is a night of sparkles, a night of revelry and good-natured nonsense of only the very best quality. I offer you a selection of “peel to reveal” cardboard motifs that you may choose from: Penguin, Ice Skate, Mitten, Snow Person. This qualifies as secular winter art, with no holiday nonsense of any kind. I also have gingerbread people that are secular in nature, but have “hangers” what could make a person think that they are ORNAMENTS, but you get to decide. As far as NON-secular, I have button wreaths, which are round, and apparently, like all circles, have no beginning and no end, and Christians thought that would be a great way to try and explain the concept of “god.” Except in the 1800s, they’d make’em out of evergreen boughs (the symbol for everlasting life) and stick candles in them (which seems like a very bad idea except you have to remember that back in the day, watching candles burn was EXCITING and everyone was totally into it.)

Anyway, feel free to take the “circle” theme and run any way you want, since circles don’t care, and this craft is super meta, because you make the button wreath OUT OF BUTTONS, which is a bunch of little circles making one big circle, and if your mind isn’t already exploding with such exotic data, we’ll be waiting here for you with a cocktail.

We’ll get all Hanukkah on you next week when the festival of lights gets all up in your grill. See you at the Craft Table, JP Craft Captain

And speaking of Holidays, here is a shameless plug for my puppet show that debuts next week in China Town at Automata, I’m telling you now, we can only fit 40 at a time, so reserve your spot early, you won’t want to miss our show! Visit to get your tickets! 

A Multidimensional Musical Puppet Adventure Involving Faith, Freight and Fruitcake
Join Silver Lake’s most well-adjusted family on a trip down the Los Angeles River to go get their pagan-revival-sustainable xmas tree from a barge in Long Beach! As long as this routine expedition doesn’t meet the greatest earthquake ever known, plunging their tiny raft down a thousand feet below to some sort of totally esoteric and bizarre primeval world, everything should be just fine.


504 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012



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Winter Bird Blow-Out with THE CRAFT LADIES!!!

Wednesday November 28th, 2012 from 9pm – 12-ish at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: Winter Birds: Toilet Paper Tube Owls AND “Winter Birds” 
SPECIAL GUESTS: The Craft Ladies!
$2 Suggested Donation 
$4 Cosmopolitan Drink Special: The Akbar Cosmo, a Cosmo to Remember! 

Of all the things that reflect the nation’s greatness, few are more time-honored than winter birds. Join CraftNight and The Craft Ladies as we take you down the road to Toilet Paper Tube Owls and our other winter bird assortment. The Craft Ladies are internet web stars, they have a show, and we’ll be sharing with you some of their antics, including the episode with toilet paper tube owls in it! Walk in the door of Akbar and you’ll notice the bowls full of craft supplies: googly eyes and metallic doodads… the gorgeous wooden scissor rack with scissors ensconced within, quality cardboard rolls from REAL rolls of toilet paper. You’ll also experience our world-famous hospitality that makes a difference in a bar. Experience the Akbar difference for yourself!

Other Things You Might Want to Do this Week (JAM-PACKED!!!) 

Thursday – Catch The Cooling Time for FREE at Taix 10:30pm
Friday Film – The Echo Park Film Center is showing Fragmentation and Flux: Contemporary Haitian Film 8pm
Saturday Morning – Micheltorena Elementary School Garden Potluck and Garden Planning Summit for NEW and returning volunteers! 10am – 2pm
Saturday Evening – Ovarian Cycos Co-Ed Bicycle Ride to Corazon Del Pueblo’s 3rd Anniversary! Meet 7pm Ride Out 7:30pm
Sunday Hanukkah – Urban Dinner Socials is having A Vegan Hanukkah 7:30pm tickets available online
Sunday Ukeleles – Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere’s Holiday Show at El Cid 8pm
And Last but not least, consider Giving the Gift of SparkleBlob, coming up December weekends 14-16 & 21-23 

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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