Gandalf, Dumbledore, and MORE! • March 25th, 2020

Gandalf and Dumbledore in a Mini • Covid-19 Coloring Page #4

Happy Wednesday, normally I’d be getting ready to host CraftNight at Akbar, but quarantine continues, right on schedule. Thus, here’s another Covid-19 Coloring Page for you, fantasy edition!

In the past, drawing prompts on my FB page were sometimes used to make Xmas ornaments for recipients who may have only casually thrown an idea into the ring. Other times, the subject matter has been used merely as a personal challenge for making paintings or drawings. This is how the wizards, Dumbledore and Gandalf, ended up in a mini this week.

I have known Kendra since my first week of college, when I asked her if she’d be my friend. Guess what? We’re still friends!

Kendra did indeed ask for exactly this wizard-mini-drawing scenario probably a year or more ago, and the request was duly noted, but alas, time ran out. So when it came around AGAIN (see above) I just had to drop everything and draw it!

Upon drawing this particular vignette, two wizards in a mini, one wonders where two such friends could wander? Gandalf visiting Dumbledore at Hogwarts might be fun, but you can take the train there, no need to use a mini.

However, getting to Mordor has ALWAYS been a schlep, it’s not for anyone without serious adventure chops. A mini might be preferred for quick turns and zippy getaways.

Maybe Gandalf was like “Hey Dumbledore, take a drive with me to check out my old room mate, Sauron’s, realm! It’s CRAZY, it’s got a bunch of orcs, and trolls, and hobbits, there’s a volcano, and Sauron built a giant eye on a stick that we have to avoid so he doesn’t see us coming. Sauron’s kind of a grumpy guy, but once you get to know him he’s just a big softy.”

So thank you, Kendra, for being vigilant in your appeal for this drawing. The beards are flying out the windows as you wish… but… I cheated a little bit, I made the auto an ORIGINAL actual British mini to make the car just that much smaller. And this is a THREE wizard drawing, with the addition of Sauron… snooping with his obnoxious giant spying eyeball on a stick. They did start driving in town, but kept going and ended up in Mordor, like ya do.

The first three coloring pages were nice and easy, but this one’s one to chew on, it’s got lots of nooks and crannies for coloring! Hope you enjoy it, all of these are 8.5 X 11, by the way, suitable for any garden-variety home printer.

And please DO share your finished coloring pages with me, I love seeing how y’all use your hues and tints!



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Reality Bites Coloring Page • March 22nd, 2020

For Beto: Reality Bites INDEED!!!

Okay I’m continuing to make coloring pages per requests on my Facebook page, and this one’s for Beto, who was watching Reality Bites, the 90s comedy about love and… reality!

The bitter truth is upon us, and Reality REALLY DOES Bite right now. To keep you company, here are the Gen X archetypes of the times: Vickie Miner, Michael Grates, Leilana Pierce, and Troy Dyer!

Give ’em all mustaches, color fun backgrounds for them, enjoy coloring this in and then putting it up in your ROOM so you can emulate the slacker generation and practice intellectual one-upmanship on those around you!

Thank you, Beto! I enjoyed drawing all the “disaffected 90s youth” hair!



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Fox and Badger Coloring Page • March 21st, 2020

Reading Fox and Ukulele Badger request from Dalia, who I know from Planet Queer!

Welcome to the weekend, as we’re cooped inside for a bit of a long haul, it’s time to read alllll those books you’ve been meaning to read! Or learn something new, like ukulele, or pick up that instrument and do some noodling! Or watch TV? I dunno… or COLOR! Yes, get your Fox-n-Badger coloring sheet here today!

I’ve received so many marvelous requests for coloring pages, but I knew when I read this that I REALLY WANTED TO DRAW IT!!! Thank you, Dalia, for fox and badger love.

I don’t really understand the mechanics of the Badger’s paw/fret placement, and the fox is on a ladder, not on a pile of books. Also this is coloring pages, so the fox MIGHT be red, but it’s up to the crayon-holder to really make that kind of decision. Hope you don’t mind those discrepancies, lol.



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CraftNight Covid-19 Coloring Pages! March 19th, 2020

Look Out Buster it’s the FISH POLICE! • Freemans • 2020 • Illustrated by Julianna Parr

These are unprecedented times. To keep both you and me busy, I asked Facebook for coloring page suggestions, and this is the VERY FIRST ONE. It was requested by a high school pal of mine who’s daughter’s betta fish just bit the dust. I would think that in the midst of being in quarantine, the untimely death of one’s fish would be even more bummer than usual. That’s why this is the first coloring page.

Also, in this fish tank I knew nothing about before now, they have an axolotl, and I KNEW I needed to draw THAT. Here’s the full story of how this happened, taken from my FB feed:

So… with the information I was given, I devised a scenario whereupon the police fish might meddle in the life of an axtotl. You know, the FISH POLICE. And now you can download your very own .PDF and color it!



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Feb 26th 2020 TONIGHT! Paint-a-Huevo

BEAUTY.—A sun which dwells in the souls of all…
~”A Chapter of Definitions,” Daily Crescent, 1848 June 23rd

TONIGHT! Paint-a-Huevo!
FEB 26, 2020 • 9pm
$3 – $5 sliding scale! 

You know what I’ve got? I’ve got some eggs, that’s what. 
They’re not supposed to be on the craft calendar until waaaaaaayyyyy down the pipeline, for a certain holiday that’s very egg-centric. But I thought I’d do things backwards. You know how they’re always asking which comes first, the chicken or the egg? 
Well, tonight it’s the EGG. 
They’re made of plaster, quite gorgeous, really, they have a bit of sassy scrumple all around them, festooned with ribbon-type terrain for you to paint. It’ll definitely keep you busy, even if you decide to paint yours one solid color. 
Come paint one, an egg is a reminder of possibility, consider an egg, and then paint it! 
Also: yes glitter glue, yes, googly eyes, yes gems! 

See you at the Craft Table,
Craft Captain JP


4pm to 8pm 
March 2, 9, 16

$6 Old-Fashioned with Magical Orange Slice and Luxardo Cherry 


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