CraftNight is Arts and Crafts in a bar every week.

Here is some type over some Craft Supplies.

Yes it is cocktails and music and art supplies, but you know what else it is?

Sitting down together in real time making fun stuff in person is a process that makes you put your phone down and relate to other humans.

People who participate in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health. Making art reduces stress and helps one express complex emotions.

LGBTQIA+ people? We’ve been through it. Things get tough. Making art together brightens moods, and inspires hope.

CraftNight gets you out of the house, even when you’d rather not. Less isolation, less loneliness, more fun, more acceptance and togetherness

You can only see us in person, we’re a real building with real people, and we build community pride measured by livability and quality of life.

Two CraftNights and two beers equals $20 and that is the cheapest date in town.

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