TONIGHT! Pumpkin Carve Karaoke! • October 29th, 2014

29 Oct


TONIGHT! Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 from 9pm until midnight (or later) it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
PROJECT: Pumpkin Carve Karaoke!
$2 Processing fee, please, and BYO Pumpkin, I’ll have stuff for you to carve with, as well as some other treats!
$4 Drink special “The Lyla” a seasonal Silverlake delicacy involving ginger beer, whiskey and sass.

Sing, Drink, and be SCARY!
It’s the CraftNight Pumpkin Carving Karaoke Mini-Festival, our last October Crafting Extravaganza.
Yes, as a matter of fact we WILL be combining sharp knives and alcoholic beverages, as is our yearly Akbar/CraftNight tradition! Bring your squash, bring yourself, bring your friends and may the good times commence!

Special Guests, Kat Laukat and Ang Evans will be hosting karaoke, they’ll have a special songbook with some spooky songs!

The floors will be covered in plastic, and we’ll have carving tools, ziplock bags (to save seeds), trash bags, candy and a tune-filled night of singin’ the hits! There will be treats and candy and FUN, so don’t miss it!

See you at the Craft Table,
JP Craft Captain


Halloween Grab Bag • Ukulele Serenade • October 22nd, 2014

22 Oct


TONIGHT!~~~ October 22nd, 2014 from 9pm until 12am (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Free Thinkin’ Bead Bag Tag
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Special: The Lyla Put Some Sass in Yer Glass

Yes it’s GRAB BAG SEASON where you get to pick out a fun fall craft of your liking from the variety I have in stock! Not only that, but the Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere will add style and ambience to your night!

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


Monday Night Mission is having a Blanket Drive for LA’s Skid Row. There will be hand-out October 27th, here’s more info, please donate blankets, hats, gloves, and scarves!

Next Week:

BINGO: Dia de Los BINGO >>> Faaaaabulous Prizes!

PUMPKIN CARVING [BYOP] and Queeraoke! Sing and make Jack o’ Lanterns!





14 Oct

electric_faceoff (1)

$2 Processing Fee, also I’ll have a donation jar out if you’re feeling like you want us to keep doing stuff like this.
$4 Drink Specials: The LYLA, don’t just see Autumn, feel it. 

•     Total Eye-Frying melt-your-face-off Black Light ambience? CHECK
•     Monolithic Electronic DJ Beats to Vibrate your Solar Plexus? CHECK
•     Scantilly Clad humans wearing bright ideas? CHECK
•     Special Limited Edition Craft Supply GLOWY Kit? CHECK 
•     Value-Oriented cocktails to enhance your experience? CHECK

It got too quiet on Wednesdays, so we decided to do something about it.
JP Craft Captainnnnnnnn

Next Week: Crafts, but not ones for Black Light…
Coming Up:
Dia de Los Bingo for the last Tuesday in October (28th)
Pumpkin Carving and Karaoke on the 29th!!!


Halloween Frames • October 8th, 2014

07 Oct


This Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 from 9pm to midnight or later at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Halloween Keepsake Frames
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Special is The Lyla, a refreshing whiskey/ginger beer specialty, the toast of Silverlake!
•    Oct. 15th – 9pm Black Light CraftNight DANCE PARTY with DJ Kenefunkport and GLO-KRAFTS!
•    Oct. 22nd – 9pm Scary Sand art and a visit from the Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere!
•    Oct. 28th – 8 -10pm Bet Yer Bottom Bingo presents: DIA de LOS BINGO!!! Crazy Prizes, Crazy Night!
•    Oct. 29th – 9pm Pumpkin Carving Karaoke Carnival!
Visit Gothtober! Why? Special Blood Moon Craft Project Download by Billy Kheel for DAY 8, but also, in the words of Homo Jedi, Wendell Jones:

See super cool horror videos by local tree hugging, eco friendly, anti-authoritarian, often feminist or LGBTQ malcontents and some occasionally very cool kids, all who are intent on destroying normality! Go to the link and each day a new treat will be revealed!

It’s a FULL MOON and it’s the BLOOD HUNTER MOON on October 8th! What does it mean to have a Blood Moon? Lunar eclipse, nothing more, except it is the fourth and last of the year, and some believe that this has special significance, and maybe it does!

Some people (not us) will see the deep red eclipse covering the moon, but for the rest of us, we’re just going to gaze at that bright white globe and enjoy it’s brilliant ghostly light.

It’s early yet in the month, so this week, I’ve got Halloween frames for you to make for yourself or a loved one. I’ll have the polaroid to take a snapshot of you ($1 please, polaroid film is expensive!) and you can mail your keepsake far away or hand it over to someone who will be delighted to have it!

This moon is also called the Falling Leaf Moon or Shedding Moon, and indeed, have you noticed the extra dryness in the weather, the crackle, the sharp crisp blue of the sky? Winter is on the horizon, and though it is hot, it’s going to cool down, change is in the air. It is said that the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest in October.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


Skeleton Puppets • October 1st, 2014

01 Oct


TONIGHT! October 1st, 2014 from 9pm until midnight or later, at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Skeleton Puppets
$2 Processing donation fee, please
$4 Drink Special: The Lyla! A Whiskey and Ginger Beer Mixture: It’s Lyla Time!
ALSO: GOTHTOBER has launched! 31 Treats for 31 Days from Artists, Animators, Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick Makers! Go see, because it’s art and it’s FREEEE (it’s on the internet, you don’t have to go anywhere and you don’t have to do anything…)

First day of October and we’re going to make skeleton puppets, because they’re adorable, easy and an indicator that we’ve left behind the beach balls and the sunscreen, and we’re ready for the black and orange holiday bunting on the porch and bat cookies and stuff that’s purple, green, orange or black.

If skeletons are outside of your comfort zone: come out anyway. It’s good to mix things up, sometimes, if you get all stuck in your hidey hole, watching sitcoms and eating pretzels, insulating yourself from scary things, you get all creaky and stinky from your own miasma. Air out your brain, sit down at a table with a cocktail, and force yourself to make something with your hands. You might meet some quality people, or you might just prefer to not talk and lose yourself in the age old preoccupation of taking part in a useless hobby.
Useless hobbies are mere disguises for minds that need expansion and contemplation. Expand your head today with Crafts!

Come in, enjoy the night, have a Lyla or whatever you wish to imbibe, visit us and prepare for a month of seriously fun activities!

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain