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Plush Lacing Sugar Skull Craft! • Oct 17th, 2018

TONITE! CRAFTNIGHT! >> WED • Oct 17th, 2018 • Akbar • 9pm to midnight (or later!) 
Craft Project: Plush Lacing Sugar Skull Craft! 

*******$4 PABST/TECATES • $5 Cocktail Special: Never Knowingly Undersold
*********$3 suggested donation, please!

Right before I tell you about this craft, I just wanna direct your gaze to TWO spectacular Halloweenish Happenings direct to your very own town of plenty:

CraftNight’s BYOP or VIP Carving Party comin’ up NEXT WEEK! Here’s the INFO! 

AND on Halloween Night, I’m teaching a special candy dish workshop with all supplies included, snacks, and special treats! Info HERE Yahhhhh!

Okay but THIS WEEK it’s these super plush pillowy jewel-laden sewing skull pillow thingers that are dang cute and VERY comfy! When it gets to be busy, when things move fast, when quickness and efficiency are the goals, but seemingly unattainable… you can get it by taking a rest. When you do a lot of stuff, you need to guard your sanity with everything you’ve got, and taking breaks is key!

With this new crafty skull plush pillow, you can take a nap, AND look good doing it. It’s FALL, which brings themes of the preciousness of life, why not unfold your soul and delight in ordinary miracles like; a warm hot shower, a hug from a good friend, or having enough coffee creamer? This skull comes with fluff, with jewels, and I have extra bits and baubles for decorating it more, like I do.

Make this skull pillow, and prepare to go into low gear for like… 15 minutes. Vitalize and refresh yourself by tapping into the great primal pace of creation and slowing the hell down. When you turn down the noise, you can catch up with yourself and find some true things, some new things, the rhythm of the beginnings of protozoa and the secrets of the unseeable.

Sounds stupid, right? If that’s too “woo” for you, sleep researchers have concluded that a mere 20 minutes of napping reduces sleepiness while improving cognitive functioning, psychomotor performance, short-term memory and mood. Sleep researchers have also found that a home made plush skull pillow makes these types of naps even MORE beneficial to your health, especially with applied glitter glue and google eyes.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


Gothtober is LIVE, we’ve launched, go see! 

The Gothtober Countdown Calendar reveals the work of a different artist EVERY DAY counting the days down to All Hallows Eve. Contributors work their butts off to bring you the scary, the silly, the strange, the macabre, the terrifying, the weird and wonderful best and brightest vignettes made for you to enjoy! So… you should look at it, since you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything but click the above link and experience PUBLIC INTERNET ART that is hand hewn and FREE! I am the instigator and curator of this project, this will be our SIXTEENTH glorious bag of tricks-n-treats!

>>>>>>(Also… it’s not censored, please screen Gothtober Pieces before watching with young-uns!) 

MONDAY OCTOBER 22nd at Akbar 7:30pm >>> WITCHY BINGO!!! • A LIVELY and lovely evening of gambling and Halloweeny FUN, complete with music, cocktails, gurlz, bois, ballz, and all that enthralls! RSVP if you DARE! >>>>FB EVENT INFO

CrafNight! 9pm • Wednesdays • Akbar >>> 4356 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029 >>>>>>


BYOP – Bring your own pumpkin! [$3 walk-in, space available upon who gets there first!]

VIP – Very Important Pumpkin, BUY TIX NOW!!! 


LAST CHANCE Halloween Crafts [our regular $3 affair] OR Get tickets to the ULTRA CRAFT CANDY DISH WORKSHOP with JP! 

Regular crafts will be in the rumpus room as usual, music, etc. the whole nine yards. However… if you want a BEAUTIFUL and lovely vintage-style Halloween candy dish that lasts all year round, support your local non-profit and get a ticket to our Candy Dish Workshop! It comes with appetizers and all the supplies you need… and it’s deluxe… we use HOT GLUE OMG!!!


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