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No Crafts Tonight: Akbar Special Event • June 26th, 2019

We’ll resume our regular programming and start back up July 3rd with Rainbow and Unicorn WIND CHIMES!!!

Hayyyy SUMMER happened on the calendar, has anyone told the clouds? I don’t think they know. Anyway, this week is NO CRAFTS, but we’re back with the unicorns and rainbows the following week in July!

Here is the OFFICIAL Craft schedule for JULY 2019

  • July 3rd – Unicorn/Rainbow windchimes – A lil’ windchime featuring either a unicorn OR a rainbow! It’s a painting craft, and you can add sparkles as you see fit.
  • July 10th – “Bat Out the Bullshit” with special guest, Joey Stern – Craftivism (addressing commercialism/capitalist notions of corporations seeking our LGBT dollars) we’re painting/decorating mini bats!
  • July 17th – Natural Canvas Potholders! – A fabric craft where you can use fabric markers, glitter glue, do some embroidery/sewing or just glue felt and other geegaws aplenty!
  • July 24th – Pirate Clothespin Magnet – In honor of National Tequila Day and sailing the seven seas, a flat foam kit featuring a peg-legged pirate noteholder! Dress/embellish accordingly, Yarrrrrr!
  • July 31st – Wood Safari Stand-Ups – Cool little wooden flatpack animal shapes (many different kinds) to be painted and used as your personal office/dashboard/living space totem for the rest of the year.

See you at the Craft Table, JP Craft Captain

JP July Happy Hours ~ MONDAYS • 4pm – 9pm

  • 1st – Learn the Words, Bitch! With Tony Soto! – It’s a Lipsyncing Competition, 8:30 sign-up, 9pm Show!
  • 8th – Sonji Piano Goddess @7:30pm
  • 15th – Planet Queer Cabaret with Ian MacKinnon and Travis Wood! 8pm
  • 22nd – Bet Yer Bottom Bingo with JP Binguera, Ball Handler Emilie, and the Pit Boss, Marie! – Sundries, Fundries, Big Bottles o’ Booze!
  • 29th – TBA!


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TONIGHT! DRAG SHOW at 8, DRAG CRAFT at 9:30pm • April 3rd, 2019

SPECIAL EVENT + CRAFTNIGHT! @AKBAR! 8pm SHOW “The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo” starring David LeBarron! FOLLOWED BY a DRAG CRAFT from CraftNight! Starting around 9:30, 9:45!

Dahling, it’s a different sort of evening, it’s DELUXE! Akbar’s rumpus room has been turned into a theater, and the show starts at 8! It’s a fundraiser dress rehearsal for David LeBarron’s “The Complete History of Drag in a Few Mo-mo”. This show will travel to the Orlando, Florida Fringe Festival! Help this talented thespian offset costs by giving a $10 donation to see this limited engagement presentation!

Here’s the official ditty below:

DAVID LEBARRON’S The Complete History of Drag in a few Mo-mo • 8pm

Facebook Event

History of Drag Site

It’s rarely this enjoyable/practical learning this much wondrous history in a little over an hour, while having cocktails no less! I highly recommend it.

As said in David’s show “Who the FUCK starts a drag show ON TIME?!?” This rollicking whirlwind of fabulousness may or may not start on time, which means that CraftNight will probably start more like 9:30, or 9:45.

But then we’re having a PARTY!!! And there will be, yes, a DRAG CRAFT, curated specially by yours truly, the LA Craft Captain. Will you use pom poms? Will you use felt? Will you use GEMS? Ah, only your drag soul will know for sure. We’ll have it ALL, and we’ll show you how to go drag or go home.

Treat yourself, sugar, see a show and have a craft, you’re worth it!

Speaking of treats, I directed a show: Thelma & Leweeze the Musical, and it opens THIS FRIDAY! Come see it, I’d love to see you! Also, I’m calling Loteria at the Mermaid Bar this Sunday, and at the end of May, we have a special guest calling Bet Yer Bottom Bingo, Auntie Lyla!!! OMG!!!!

See you at the Craft Table, JP Craft Captain

May Month Flower KA-POW!!!!

WEDNESDAY CRAFTNIGHTS YES!!!! >>>>MAY 8th – TBA, MAY 15th – ROLLER CRAFTS! May 22nd – TBA , May 29th – TBA


THIS SUNDAY MAY 5th! JP Calling Loteria @The Mermaid Bar! • Get ready to party at 6pm with some Loteria called by JP! Place beans on pictures! Win prizes! Yahhh!!!

Facebook Link

BET YER BOTTOM BINGO AKBAR • 7:30pm • MONDAY • MAY 27th, 2019 • Featuring special guest, Auntie Lyla!!!

  • JP Happy Hour Mondays at Akbar: 4pm to 9pm!
  • 6th – Learn the Words, Bitch! Lipsyncing Competition 8:30 sign-up, 9pm Show!
  • 13th – Sonji Piano Goddess @7:30pm
  • 20th – Planet Queer Cabaret 8pm
  • 27th – Bet Yer Bottom Bingo with special guest, Auntie Lyla!


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