Jan 15th 2020 Craft this Week…

January 15

With bright or sombre gear,
With smile or frown or song,
In a masque the months go gliding
Perpetually along.
First January is here,
With eyes that keenly glow—
A frost-mailed warrior striding
A shadowy steed of snow…
~Edgar Fawcett, “The Masque of Months,” 1878

January 15th, 2020 at Akbar, 9pm we begin CraftNight! The project still remains in the dark. I shall go a-spelunking in the garage and emerge heroic with the evening’s creative diversion!

Here we are at new beginnings, new ideals. Shiny-fancy-2020 how modern it sounds, how peppy to pronouce! It was so easy to adapt on paper to all the past teen years, switching out a 2 for a 3 and so on, right up to 19 and well WOW, now I catch myself erasing in my journal the number “19” and scrawling in a hasty 20!

Facts about the number 20: The number 20 is a SCORE, you know that? Like “Four score and seven years ago” Gettysburg Address etc. Most human infants grow 20 teeth for their first set. Twenty-twenty vision is perfect vision, and as for your vision for your year, I hope you’ve got your eyes on the prize(s).

Am I talking resolutions am I talking goals? Could be. Sure, that kind of stuff could be seen as pressure, but it’s also a barometer, a measuring stick, a way of delineating meaning to your life. Maybe you don’t hafta commit to yer Tinder date… but you could commit to you.

Giving yourself a kick in the pants to try a new thing, or keep doing an old thing, or just… doing ANY thing, well, that’s the stuff of giving yourself the gift of what you want.

What do you want? I want that for you to gurrrl.

The time for cold weather rumination continues, the deep thoughts while watching the bonfire, the empty page staring back at you, the unplayed keys, the untuned strings, you have so much potential before you. Take it and make it before someone grabs a bullhorn and starts ordering you around, before daffodils bloom, or ya know… maybe before the Iowa caucus.

See you at the Craft Table, Craft Captain JP

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