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Holiday Choices from the Vault! • TONIGHT! • November 30th, 2016


TONIGHT! Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 from 9pm until midnight (or later) it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Holiday Choices from the CraftNight Vault! 
$3 Donation Please 
$4 Drink specials! Akbar: Pure Love in Every Glass! 
*** ANNOUNCEMENT: SparkleBlob Holiday show is HERE! “The SnowGlobe of Progress: An Urban Puppet’s Contemplation” starts next week, we need audience, and we also need volunteers, read more at bottom to find out more! 

Hooray, 2016 is almost over, but not without some seriously festive crafts for you to make and take your mind off of the crazy. Last year, there was a shiny, fancy sale, and I scooped up as much holiday stuff as I could, and saved it in the vault until NOW. That means this month is going to be PACKED with fun projects to do that are, yes, holiday oriented. Tonight I’ve got Xmas and Hanukkah choices, as well as some secular stuff if you’re just not into the holiday jamz. It’s all sparkly though, and it’s all very glamorous.

While everyone’s scurrying around trying to shop for this, that and the other, take a moment for yourself, and create a keepsake for you or a loved one that will remind them of you. Nourish your body, your heart, your soul, your desire for a cozy cocktail in the company of gorgeous strangers who are fine with conversation or comfortable silence. The demands on one’s time and energy get quite crunchy this time of year. Make taking a break be a part of your holiday traditions, concentrating on what’s important to you.

Sharing the goodness of life need not involve discount coupons, oppressive party schedules, or recipes you don’t like to make. No one lives outside the walls of existence, it is a hallowed spot in yourself and your mind that belongs to YOU. If you don’t want to go to Uncle Crotchety’s Republican Cookie Bake-Off this year, you don’t have to, just send a nice card, and skip it. If they try to guilt you into going: send a gift basket in lieu of yourself, no one can argue with a good basket. Or… you know, send them an ornament that looks like private parts. That always goes over especially well.

Now then, you like puppets, hot buttered rum, lights, music, song, and Los Angeles, please come see my puppet show. I know I know, how many people beg you to see their puppet show? You lead a rich, full life!

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


SparkleBlob Presents
An Urban Puppet’s Contemplation

DECEMBER 9th – 18th in BURBANK!!!  


Direct from Burbank, California, celebrate the tradition of amorphous blobs, robots, and kombucha nog this festive holiday season! Your favorite annual puppet show is back with a story of our sparkling sprawling winter wonder southland in it’s snowiest, flakiest splendor yet! Cozy up to the candy-coated chaos you’ve come to love and expect from Silverlake’s Most Well-Adjusted Family, Tree, and Santa Gorn!

*** Special Show Warning – Look out for flying gelt!

More info about the show HERE

Get Tickets from Brown Paper Tickets right this second HERE 

Wanna volunteer and be an usher or concessions helper? (Volunteers can see the show for free!) Contact:


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Assortment Crafts • September 14th, 2017


This Wednesday, September 14th, 2016 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT. 
Project: Assortment Crafts! Coloring or assemblage! 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Akbar, for Successful Living!
>>>CraftNight LAB coming up September 21st! Earlier! Fancier! 12 Spots Available! Keep Reading… 

Variety is important to your creativity routine. Doing different crafts keeps your interest peaked and your mental and physical faculties SHARP! That’s why I’m offering up more treasures from the vault in September.

  • I’ve got some NEW coloring sheets I found that will turn your mind inside out with their exciting complexity!
  • There are also 3-D felt kits that are truly wondrous! The box makes the kit look like some tiny little thing, when in actuality, the project is the size of a small pillow! Amaze!
  • Also I’ve got some scratch canvases, some black velvet mini posters for coloring, and really just a lot of cool stuff.

September is the last month before we begin the last quarter of the year, so let’s savor these last weeks of summer before the equinox kicks in, as the tomato harvest dwindles, and the apples are at their tastiest. The lowriders have returned to cruise Whittier Boulevard, nocturnal urban skunks galumph up and down Echo Park’s neighborhood street curbs, and the churro man in Boyle Heights fries and distributes churros as he whistles the same tune his grandfather used to whistle.

CraftNight would like a moment to welcome the Rams back to LA, and their first game was just terrible, but whatever. If you don’t care about football, CraftNight would also like to welcome the brand new spire on Wilshire Grand Center, making it a whole 81 feet taller than the US Bank Building! If you don’t care about football or buildings, continue reading below, maybe something will catch your eye.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


 Starting 7pm, a FANCY early evening VIP craft experience with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, high-end supplies and step-by-step guidance by JP to make a beautiful fall owl note valet with felt flowers!  Find out more HERE!!! 

SEPTEMBER 26th 2016 • AKBAR • 8pm to 10pm >>>> BET YER BOTTOM BINGO!!!! Six fifty cent sessions of Girls, boys, fall season balls, numbers, gambling, excitable yelling, cocktails, music, mirth! Tell us you’re on the way…


Feminist Acting Class starting this Friday at the Womens Center for Creative Work
Feminist Acting Class is a series of experiments to determine if the form of an acting class can be made feminist, in addition to the content. Part art project, part intellectual experiment and part dynamic physical practice, Feminist Acting Class wants to expand the roles for women, transgender and nonbinary people in theatre and the way that we approach these roles. Taught by Gina Young: queer feminist playwright, director and performer whose work has been seen all over the US and Europe!
More Info



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Crafts from the Vault • Sept. 9th, 2015


This Wednesday, Sept 9th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Pre-Fall Grab Bag 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Stronger than Dirt. 

Starbucks is rolling out its pumpkin spice latte ahead of time, Target is selling 45 different varieties of pumpkin candles at the store, Halloween stuff is creeping onto the shelves.
School might be back in session, the stores are stocking scarves and Ugg boots, but no semester of classes or fancy fall fashion can change the fact that Autumn is, like, a real thing, and it just hasn’t happened yet.
Don’t listen to those lazy people who say Los Angeles doesn’t have Autumn, it does.
Trust me, it just does.
Our little blue marble’s axial tilt has got to be perpendicular to the sun’s rays (not its usual 23º) for it to be TRUE Autumn. I mean come on, we’re still melting from the heat this week, keep the Earl Grey tea in the box and the cable knit sweater packed away for just a little bit longer!
Meanwhile, I’ve decided to have a grab bag night with a variety of projects that will keep you busy. If you missed some of our CraftNight Campfire Resort crafts, you can do one of those, or you can do a craft from the vault. CraftNight is in its 13th year, so when I say one from the vault, I really mean it. I have years of craft supplies, it’s ridiculous. I am making festive bundles for you to pick from, you’re gonna love it. In any case, pop in and tell us how you are, we like updates.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain

AKBAR >> 8pm to 10pm >> Booze, Boys, Balls, Girls, Prizes, Gambling!!! WOOOOOO!!!!


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Nail Art, Camp Trust, Meatballs • July 15th, 2015


This Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: SPA NIGHT! Nail Art! 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Between love and madness lies obsession. 


SPA NIGHT #1 = Nails and nail art! You will get your very own nail kit with fun stuff to decorate your own nails, or a friend’s nails! We became a resort for summer, so we’re doing it up mid-July! We’re going to relax in a really creative way, do our nails, watch Meatballs starring Bill Murray and take part in enriching workshops to nourish our souls.

Visiting Camp Counselor from Camp Teenie Mini Weenie, Alex Kenefick, will be leading Camp Trust Learning and Meaningful Development: the Leadership of Positivity and Sensitivity! Participants will receive a special badge from CraftNight Campfire Resort, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get yours!
Here is the official summary of what you might expect at this introspective and inspiring conference on the dance floor.

  • Description:
    • We will be having some MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS with our personal development in this edition of Craftnight’s Campfire Resort.  Get ready to do some drawing, gluing, and sprucing of your hearts, minds, and your personalities.  Prepare to learn important leadership skills and maybe even star in a skit!  You are guaranteed to become a more well-adjusted and positive bar patron after these exercises.  You will need to complete at least three activities to earn the badge for this evening.

20141203094234 god-trust-fall

I expect this evening to be very meaningful, very positive, very trustworthy, so make sure you visit, it’s going to be lots of fun! Sit around the campfire and reflect.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


Mohawk Bend in Echo Park
is supporting Planned Parenthood Los Angeles by donating $4 of every purchase of their special July pizza to the cause!!! It’s a PEACH PIZZA!!!!! YOU HAVE ONE MONTH NOT TO MISS IT!!
Piece of the Pie Pizza: Pro-Choice, Pro-Peach
Fresh Peaches, Mozzarella, Italian Salsa, Marinated Vine Ripened Tomatoes (Vegan Available)

****** July 22nd – Glass Votive Candle Decoupage
******July 29th – Visiting Craft Lieutenant, Vero LeBron and Camp Counselor, Angie Cho present: Heart to Heart:  Eco-Friendly Stationery Craft using Heart Stencils

JULY 28th Akbar’s BET YER BOTTOM BINGO!!! Girls, Boys, Balls, Booze! Keep your eyes on the prize, it’s 50 cents a game! Come try your luck, big daddy!



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Mod Podge Coaster Craft • July 8th, 2015


TONIGHT! Wednesday, July8th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Mod Podge Coaster Craft 
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials: Now with Fresh Drink Scent! 


As ever, CraftNight continues to be a source of inspiration for high society ideals, especially since we turned into a resort for the summer season. Tonight we embrace coasters! The very first coasters, or beermats, or whatever you wanna call ’em, were made in the 1880s, and the function of coasters has not changed. Basically, they protect surfaces, like your table, from moisture. Tonight’s coasters are made from cork, which means they are pretty high-end, and are sure to impress guests when you put these on display.

Take your handy-dandy coaster, and adorn it with felt, OR use magazine scraps (we will have plenty) to Mod Podge them and make them be awesome. Mod Podge is sort of like glue, and sort of like not, it’s sticky, but when it dries, it forms a protective cover over the scraps you’ve decided to immortalize.

We have Jan Whetstone to thank for Mod Podge, a substance that we officially decided is one of the most feminist craft supplies you can use. Jan mixed up the recipe for Mod Podge in her garage in the 60s, she was an advocate for women’s rights in the business world, and developed the most widely used, versatile substance for decoupage in history. She passed away in 2013 leaving behind a legacy of wonderful craft recipes and products, and we will salute her tonight by making coasters!

Also, are we still handing out badges to commemorate your resort and can you earn them all? YES! Collect them while supplies last! Lastly, we will have very special guest and camp counselor, Alex Kenefick, presenting some camp exercises, if you complete them, you’ll get the best badge yet! Read more below if you want to know more.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


July 15th – GUEST COUNSELOR ALEX KENEFICK Presents: Camp Trust Learning and Meaningful Development: the Leadership of Positivity and Sensitivity! You are guaranteed to become a more well-adjusted and positive bar patron after these exercises. >>>> Combined with SPA Night and Movie Night: MEATBALLS (Bill Murray) This will probably get out of hand.
****** July 22nd – Glass Votive Candle Decoupage
******July 29th – Toy Marshmallow Catapults and Movie Night “The Parent Trap” (the original w/Hayley Mills)

JULY 28th Akbar’s BET YER BOTTOM BINGO!!! Girls, Boys, Balls, Booze! Keep your eyes on the prize, it’s 50 cents a game! Come try your luck, big daddy!



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