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Summer Variety! • TONIGHT! July 12th, 2017

This Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 from 9pm until midnight (or later) it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Summer Variety!
$3 Donation Please 
$4 Drink specials! Akbar: High Performance Delivered

Elysian Park alone has had FIVE fires since June 30th, that’s a lot of fires!

We’ve entered fire season early, the June gloom has given way to parched skies warming tiny bundles of tinder in the forests just waiting to combust into trouble. When it’s like this, I feel like hosing off my brain, as if my thoughts are akin to the dry and flammable kindling of the southland’s thirsty hillsides.

To help this sizzling seventh month along, the crafts this week continue to be selections from the vault. You must understand: 15 years of CraftNight means, effectively, 750 nights of hosting crafts every single week. There have been leftover supplies from time to time, I don’t throw them away. I save them for summertime! This meansI have a sweeping assortment of projects for you to choose from, from old classics, to wonderful weirdness!

Will you make a clothespin airplane? A princess castle? Will you decorate a doorknob hanger? Do let’s find out! Cool off that rainless brain of yours, bring it in from outside, give it something creative to do, along with some shade and a refreshing cocktail. Treat your cerebellum oblongata to a night of delicious diversion.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


It’s Cruise at the Eagle July 12th, did you know? Check it! 

More CraftNights on the horizon, every Wednesday at Akbar 9pm: July 19th, 26th, and August 2nd!

Annnnd in case you’re reading… Gothtober is accepting applications. 

July 31st – Bet Yer Bottom Bingo!!! 8pm – 10pm • 6 Games • Boys, Girls, Balls, Win like a WINNAHHHH!!!



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Fusion Beads El Niño Style • January 6th, 2016


FIRST CRAFTNIGHT OF 2016!!! Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Fusion Beads!
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials at Akbar: Your Cup Runneth Over!   

It is the first CraftNight of 2016 and we begin our 14th year. We’re starting the year with fusion beads, because it’s a warm craft for a cold night! Fusion beads literally fuse when you heat them with an iron, which is super cool, and a super reminder of fusing your intentions for the new year. I keep asking people what their new years resolutions are, and they keep telling me they don’t have any, and I’m like… what are you… THREE YEARS OLD?

COME ON, if anyone is going to be easy on yourself about failing to meet a resolution, it’s YOU! I mean omigod, TRY. Like, I know we live in a society where no one wants to make a commitment or a choice or have to do ONE thing at a time. You can’t play mini golf if you are also at the movies, it’s a gold-plated conundrum. Those of us who are lucky enough to suffer from “fear of missing out” experience a tidal wave of choices and channels and apps and options paralyzing the brain with an overload of data. It’s hard to even pick a goal, much less stick to it.

Platitudes and proverbs about the new year can seem like empty rhetoric, a nothing-something that most of us can’t even really hear any longer. This means there’s this societal knee jerk reaction to making new years resolutions because they are uncool, they require WORK. You might fall short of your own expectations if you make a half-hearted goal and give it a lukewarm attempt at fruition. It’s totally cliché to make resolutions in January for the new year, but clichés are annoying because they are almost always TRUE. So what does it all mean?

It means that you are never going to eat that bologna sandwich unless you decide to take the bologna out of the package. Every lasagna has to start with a noodle. Wearing shoes involves putting them on your feet. These are not monumental goals for most, but they are intentions that are made real more often than you might think. People are wearing shoes Lasagnas are being stacked, baked and eaten. Bologna is being freed from its constrictive packaging.

This is why we’re doing fusion beads this week, because you can’t turn back once you decide to fuse them. It’s a meditation on process and permanence. It’s plastic beads, so it’s cheap and colorful and fun and seems innocuous, but trust me, your subconscious will thank you.

See you at the Craft Table!

JP Craft Captain


January 13th- Wooden Bead Necklaces 

January 20th – DIY Magnets EXTREME 

January 26th BINGO: Tuesday 8pm to 10pm it’s Bet Yer Bottom Bingo with the big bad prizes you’ve come to love us for, so come on in and try your luck with booze, girls, boys, balls, it’s the best in neighborhood gay bar gambling!

January 27th – Groundhog Day Paper Dolls

February – Get ready for Mardi Gras, CraftNight’s Valentine LOVE-IN Party, and Chinese New Year! 



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We’re Baaaaaack! • January 7th, 2015

This Wednesday January 7th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!
Project: Fusion Beads!
$3 Processing Fee
$4 Drink Special “The Lyla” it makes you Smile-la!

Oh my Gosh oh my Goodness oh my STARS I’ve missed you!

Please get in here and make a craft, please bring your friends, please let us not have another week without Crafts at Akbar! I’m starting it all hot and heavy with FUSION BEADS because FUSION BEADS are a good time. Seriously, if you walk into LA’s most posh restaurant bathrooms, you’ll see scrawled on the stall wall “For a good time, call Fusion Beads.”

It’s been so chilly lately, I wanted to do a heat-based, warm project. These mini cylindrical brightly colored pieces of plastic will be kluged together by your expert hand, and then I’ll melt your design with an iron so that they fuse. And once they’re fused, there ain’t any un-fusing them, and you can combine them into any kind of little trinket that you can have for yourself or give away, fusion beads really are the cat’s meow.

Also we’re choosing fusion beads so that we can FUSE our intentions for the new year! You are alive and walking and talking in a really rare way. You could’ve been a piece of salt. You could’ve been a piece of hair on an elephant’s derriere. You could be a 100 year old oak or a 3000 year old patch of sea water. Instead, you appear to be a person reading my writing on your screen, which is SUPER WEIRD, you’ve come a long way, baby.

The riddles we must solve to continue existence are always worthwhile by doing things that make us feel ALIVE. That’s is why I highly recommend that you come see us and let your soul swim around in the glitter at the very first CraftNight of 2015.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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