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TONIGHT! Emboss a Metal Leaf Kit • March 9th, 2016


TONIGHT! Wednesday March 9th, 2016 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Specials at Akbar: The cocktail in front is an Akbar cocktail. 

March is National Craft Month, so we’ve been rolling out the deluxe crafts, this week is no exception. I have a metal leaf kit for you and it is SO metal. It’s structural, but not so much that you can’t put your very own individual factors into the final product. You never have to follow craft kit instructions at CraftNight because we want you to have as much as or as little guidance as you require when you sit down with us.

The kit comes with a pattern, a foil insert and tracing stick that looks like a tiny weapon. You can emboss a leaf decoration, OR you can emboss whatever the hell you want, like the face of your best friend, or your pet capybara, or a quippy message only you will understand. It comes with a rustic stick frame and some leaf gem pieces, daresay sturdy materials. This is a pretty top-notch craft I’m talkin’ about here, very swanky!

I know you get busy, and when that happens, stuff like crafting and spending time with friends is the first to go, but I tellya, that’s the stuff that makes the world go round. We have applause and praise to give your creative efforts, and cocktails to ease you into winding down the busy day. We’ve made it easy to be creative, and if you give us one hour per week, at the end of March, that’s FIVE HOURS of creative energy you’ve given yourself. Let us pamper you with googly eyes and glue, won’t you visit us tonight?

See you at the Craft Table!

JP Craft Captain

March 16th – Clothespin Leprechauns
MARCH 22nd – BET YER BOTTOM BINGO: Boys, Girls, Balls, and Big Bottles o’ Booze coming your way! 8pm – 10pm AKBAR
March 23rd – Easter Baskets 
March 30th – Pet Rocks! Rockin’ all Night Long!
April 6th – Monster Sand Art! Fierce!
April 13th – Finger Puppets! Fabric Fun in your FACE!



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Rectangular Frame with Heart • February 4th, 2015


TONIGHT! February 4th, 2015 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Frame with Heart
$3 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink specials, The Lyla, and sometimes other delicacies to whet your whistle. 

It’s a frame, a wooden frame, and it’s rectangular. On the left side is carved a heart, where you would presumably put a photo, or a drawing, or some such other visual keepsake. On the right, there is solid space for you to paint or decorate however you wish. Maybe you want to put a haiku or a poem or cut out the pieces of a gnome out of felt, sitting on a rock or a dotted mushroom.

If you’re not a person who is “into” the heart shape, don’t worry, I understand. That darn ideograph has been the official symbol of romantic love since the 15th century. In the 16th century it was all the rage (fads were slower back then.) If it makes you feel better, the heart shape used to be more of a “leaf” thing, a shape found in nature, just kind of hangin’ around not meaning much of anything. This means, as per usual, that you can take or leave heart meanings and do things your way.

I mean, you’ve seen an actual heart before, a human heart, it’s full of ventricles and blowy pipes and veiny stuff. Aristotle thought your heart was your brain, and that the curly gray matter in your head was just a handy radiator. Hearts are crazy looking, they are indeed responsible for your life pulse, but in no way do they resemble the streamlined, simplistic graphic we’ve all learned to associate with candy boxes and video game lives.

Anyway, you could showcase a photo of your kitty in this frame, and it would be a great success. You could put the first dollar bill your business ever made in this frame, and it would also be a success. It’s February, you’re about to be bombarded with hearts of all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to help ease you into the season of doilies and chalky candy with this heart-y frame (haha yuk yuk, chortle) and cocktails and crafts.

See you at the Craft Table,
JP Craft Captain



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Halloween Frames • October 8th, 2014


This Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 from 9pm to midnight or later at Akbar it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Halloween Keepsake Frames
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Special is The Lyla, a refreshing whiskey/ginger beer specialty, the toast of Silverlake!
•    Oct. 15th – 9pm Black Light CraftNight DANCE PARTY with DJ Kenefunkport and GLO-KRAFTS!
•    Oct. 22nd – 9pm Scary Sand art and a visit from the Ukelele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere!
•    Oct. 28th – 8 -10pm Bet Yer Bottom Bingo presents: DIA de LOS BINGO!!! Crazy Prizes, Crazy Night!
•    Oct. 29th – 9pm Pumpkin Carving Karaoke Carnival!
Visit Gothtober! Why? Special Blood Moon Craft Project Download by Billy Kheel for DAY 8, but also, in the words of Homo Jedi, Wendell Jones:

See super cool horror videos by local tree hugging, eco friendly, anti-authoritarian, often feminist or LGBTQ malcontents and some occasionally very cool kids, all who are intent on destroying normality! Go to the link and each day a new treat will be revealed!

It’s a FULL MOON and it’s the BLOOD HUNTER MOON on October 8th! What does it mean to have a Blood Moon? Lunar eclipse, nothing more, except it is the fourth and last of the year, and some believe that this has special significance, and maybe it does!

Some people (not us) will see the deep red eclipse covering the moon, but for the rest of us, we’re just going to gaze at that bright white globe and enjoy it’s brilliant ghostly light.

It’s early yet in the month, so this week, I’ve got Halloween frames for you to make for yourself or a loved one. I’ll have the polaroid to take a snapshot of you ($1 please, polaroid film is expensive!) and you can mail your keepsake far away or hand it over to someone who will be delighted to have it!

This moon is also called the Falling Leaf Moon or Shedding Moon, and indeed, have you noticed the extra dryness in the weather, the crackle, the sharp crisp blue of the sky? Winter is on the horizon, and though it is hot, it’s going to cool down, change is in the air. It is said that the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest in October.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain


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