LadyBug Bead Craft Majorly Solves All Your Problems • May 28th, 2014

May 27


This Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 from 9pm until midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Ladybug Bead Project
$2 Processing fee, please
$4 Drink Special: “The Lyla” • Don’t drink a cup of hot fat! Drink a Lyla! 

This ladybug craft will make it so that you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else while you make it. The little craft kit consists of bright pony beads, lanyard material and a handy clasp and clip so that when you’re finished making it, you can tote it around anywhere.
Why a ladybug craft?
Ladybugs signify spring the way spiders represent autumn, it’s just one of those seasonal bugs. A seasonal bug reminder is necessary.
To tell you the truth, however, ladybugs are beetles, they absolutely aren’t bugs. Europeans have been calling them ladybirds for over 500 years, and scientists, being ever proper, call them lady beetles. Lady beetles belong to the Coleoptera class of insects. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t tell the age of a ladybug by counting its spots, you can denote species by color and spot placement, but not the former.
Boy ladybugs are also just called ladybugs. They don’t let being called “ladybugs” keep them from being really great male bugs.
Ladybugs also don’t really seem to care if they’re beetles or birds, they just eat aphids in really large quantities and never look back.
Don’t give a CRAP what anyone says, just do your thing no matter what the hell anyone calls you or whatever, just DO YOUR LIFE and eat stuff that you like and don’t worry about your house being on fire, that’s just ladybug propaganda from back when farmer’s burnt the fields to get rid of other insects.
We’re making ladybug crafts because the ladybug is a symbol reminding you that old stories no longer own you, you’re free!

A woman walked up to the bar, this Memorial Day Weekend.
The music had changed, she said to me “Is Dyke Hour over?”
I looked at her, squinted my eyes and said “Dyke hour is NEVER over.”
She shook my hand.
Because it’s true, if only 10% of the population is Dykes, you can’t afford to be thinking they’ll all disappear when the music changes.
Don’t be letting the music, or the surroundings, or the school, or the work, or the place, or your car, or procrastination keep you from what you want to find, be, do or have. BE A LADYBUG AND GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!
See? All your problems solved.

See you at the Craft Table,

JP Craft Captain

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