Leaf Leaf Wreath Wreath • November 6th, 2013

November 06


TONIGHT! Wednesday November 6th, 2013 from 9pm to midnight (or later) at Akbar, it’s CRAFTNIGHT!!!
Project: Felt Leaf Wreath!
$2 Donation, por favor
$4 NEW DRINK SPECIAL!!! >>> The Lyla! A Ginger Beer and whiskey combo that’ll kick up your heels!

Have you been staring at the door to your igloo, apartment, garage, mansion, shack, (whatever) and gazed at the entryway and thought to yourself “If only I had a wreath with the warm hues of the season to grace the exterior of my dwelling.” Tonight the fantasy can come true, and you can live bigger than the outdoors with your very own home made fall leaf wreath!

In ancient times, a harvest wreath would be hung on the door to help prevent crop failure and plagues. Since there seems to be no shortage of coughing and hacking sick people all around the city right now, you could consider this a preventative measure to ward off the sickly vibes of the flu! The new pagan fall wreath: Better than the flu shot! Or, you could even use your fall wreath as a meditative intentional piece that reminds you to get enough groceries for the Thanksgiving dinner you’ll be cooking in a few weeks.

The one you make tonight won’t be made with home made leaves, although if you find some skittering around on the ground that are colorful enough for this purpose, by all means, bring them in and use ’em!

I have sticky-back felt leaves, some foam leaves, and I’ll have a template for you to cut out your wreath shape from chip board, which means it doesn’t have to be round. You can make a trapezoid or rhombus wreath! And I’ll be bringing all that good scrumple for you to gussy it up, you know, gems, googly eyes, yarn, the stuff to help you really celebrate your way. 

A night to remember, you and your wreath just a walkin’ down the street singin’ do wah diddy diddy dum diddee doo!

See you at the Craft Table,
JP Craft Captain

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